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Podcast Episodes of the Week

In the first few weeks post-season there's been year end reflections, reviews and of course drama. While most podcasts are done for the year, a few are holding down the fort and still providing insights into the world of Formula 1.

The Siege of the FIA | Missed Apex

Spanners chats with Joe Saward, an paddock roaming F1 journalist, about the chaoic 'investigation' in the Wolffs and the inner workings of the FIA that made such a blunder possible.

Liam Lawson - From Super Formula to Formula 1 | brrrake

Blake debriefs a whirl wind year with Liam Lawson, reflecting on the challenges he faced and the differences between the two series.

Zak Brown | Track Limits

In this episode, the Track Limits team chats with Zak Brown about the dynamics between Oscar and Lando, letting Daniel go and how regulations need to change.

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