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My Favourite Nerds 💚

These are some of my favourite creators when it comes to engineering and aerodynamics! They're brilliant, fun and also just nice people. Different creators will be making content based on different levels of understanding, so finding the right person(s) to follow can be a challenge but hopefully this helps. If they're on this list it's because I know that they answer questions and are welcoming to people who want to learn. So dig in! And as always let me know if you think someone and their content should be on this list or if you have any questions

- C

Molly Marissa

Engineer & Content Creator improving inclusivity in motorsports tech education.

Kinds of content: TikTok videos, podcasts

Beginner Friendly (and such a gem)

Craig Scarborough

Everything technical in Motorsport.

Kinds of content: Infographics and sketches


LMDh Performance Engineer // Former F1 Performance Engineer // Sometimes F1 Content Creator // Occasional Gamer (Tarkov or iRacing)

Twitter - general insights and opinions

BuyMeACoffee - for in depth data analysis


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